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You may have a fancy logo, website and Instagram page and still not do ''Branding''.

Branding is linked to you knowing who you are as a brand. It is in motion when you can share effectively that feeling of excitement and joy of what you do to your audience.

If you know what triggers excitement, joy, comfort or safety, you can align and elevate your content creation in that direction.

You want to create at every entry gate of your business, a welcome sign stating:

Creating an experience is unique because it revolves around your values and those of your audience. Taking it further by inviting them in.

When you understand and master your WHY as a brand, you can transmit that all across platforms. That is branding: your WHY transmuted into motion with strategic content creation.

Why I decided to do one-on-one coaching

As an art director, freelancer, illustrator and brand designer for nearly a decade now, I have seen, heard and talked with entrepreneurs who struggle with how and why to build branding. They prefer doing it by themselves using great tools on the market. They create bold visuals and copy but miss the dedication of what branding is?

Even those who have agencies still find branding hard to sustain and lose on the road the reason why they even started. 

I speak from my own misunderstanding of what I thought Branding was, I was there and missed the 360 picture too. Hopefully, mentors, clients and just talking to other entrepreneurs have helped me see something I never really saw before: Branding is not a formula, it evolves as you grow as an individual or company.

Your branding is your storytelling in action, therefore, your storytelling is your values and WHY transmuted into strategic content creation

Branding is not static, it's a 360 experience of your solution as a brand that grows with time.

That is why I am proposing these power talk sessions to help you with your brand venture. It can help you refine, re-adjust, elevate and believe more in the power of time in an era that promotes speed above all.

Come spend an hour, two or more with me and unlock key steps you need to move forward in your branding voice.

During a session

  • I do a live audit of your branding platforms (website, blog, social media).

  • You share your challenges, you can ask any questions related to your branding and storytelling from content creation, strategy, team building and more.

  • We review your values and manifesto (if you have one) and see how we can implement them more into your current branding and content creation.

  • Do you even need a rebrand? I give you step to step strategies you may want to consider before rebranding.

  • I leave you with key points you can act upon now alone or with your team.

These are thoughtful, intuitive and strategic sessions

I believe YOU have the answers! You know your brand and audience more than anyone. You just need to find that sweet spot from your WHY to THEM. Creating content that nourishes and expresses those values and believes for your audience.

To heal a brand you need to heal the person behind the brand

These sessions are around YOU and how I can use my expertise to help you elevate your brand experience. Intuitive branding is my go-to and I create a free space for you as a leader and entrepreneur to speak about your most precious project and venture: your brand.

• I have just rebranded but I don’t align with what we are creating.

• I have lost connection with my brand, with so many people involved in the message I want to share. I need direction to get back on track.

• Branding is too complicated for me, I prefer to delegate

• I have hired a huge amount of creatives and still need to work on my branding

• I need to speak about my brand and how it affects me as an entrepreneur.

• I am happy with my branding and brand but I feel we must evolve. I need expertise and ideas on which steps to take to move forward.

• I am a personal brand, I need more direction on my content creation.

If you see yourself in any of these situations

👋 Welcome on board and grab a session.

For my creatives

This power talk is also for you as well. Do you need advice on your portfolio? How to structure and bring more of YOU on your website? building your brand? motivation and inspiration?

Join me for a session! We can get you closer to your goal, step by step.

Once you pay your session

We schedule it you pick the date and time available on Calendly.

• Once it is booked you fill in a form with information such as website, social media, brand values or manifesto...

• We do our sessions on Zoom, google meet (you can choose what fits your flow).

Goodies you get

• After the session I send you a brand talk tool kit, custom created for you so that you can act upon it quickly after our session (prompts, key points to reflect upon, suggestions).

• A 15min follow-up around one week or two after our session 

Branding grows and centres itself as you grow, your core values and principles will not change they just help you sustain the change.

© Keva Epale. 2021

If you have any problems booking a session or would like more information, contact me by email. 

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Brand in motion / coaching sessions

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