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Brand(ing) introduction for early business owners & entrepreneurs.

→ A tool to organise your building from what you currently have as a Branding and Brand.

→ If you are just starting and don't have anything yet, this template can provide you with ideas and steps that you may not have considered. Feel free to use it and improve upon it as you grow. Remember, this is just one of the first bricks in your building!

Brand(ing) Now to What's Next → is an introduction that focuses on helping you understand the branding process. Remember, your brand is unique, so adapt the template to fit your unique way of building.

Why I created this tool
A fellow designer asked me why I created it, I realised I could share more on that.

→ It all started from observation and being an entrepreneur myself. These are processes I would have loved to know or create for myself when I started. I created it to help early entrepreneurs understand the behind-the-scenes of a Branding process. A mindset and grounding they will need to communicate with themselves, their co-founder, teams and clients.

Features you get

  • Notion link
  • 1 entry page and 7 subpages
  • Easily editable content on Notion


  • Notion link
  • PDF

→ This Notion tool will be updated. Bonuses will be added as feedback and insights gain momentum.

You can look into my Branding ideas on my blog

Branding ideas

Feel free to share and give feedback.
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Notion template, video tour, pdf


Brand(ing) now to what's next → Notion template

0 ratings
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